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New Licensing Standards, testing and trainings

OKBFAA is pleased to announce that the Dept. of Labor new licensing tests have been introduced, effective September 2, 2014.  We, however, will not be introducing new training opportunities until December of this year.  The OKBFAA Board wants to be sure we roll out a quality industry training program and will feel confident we have done so in December.  The classes will cover:

  • Burglar and Residential Fire
  • CCTV/Access Controls
  • Commercial Fire

Each course will include information pertaining to Managers, Workplace Safety and First aid.

Click  here to download a registration form

Please make note:

  • Classes start  at 8 a.m. each day (Friday and Saturday)
  • Each class will end with a test over the materials taught (Test administered Saturday)
  • Registration form and complete payment must be received before participation in the class.
  • To receive a certificate of completion, trainees must complete the entire course, including the test over the materials taught.
  • E-mail Danna if you have questions or call 405-664-0270 to enroll today.  

While we DO NOT TEACH to these tests, if your technicians and sales folks have previously taken the DOL licensing tests and DID NOT PASS, these pre-licensing training courses are the last of their kind.  Register today to reserve your spot!  

Here are links to a draft of the new testing standards to be implemented in July of this year.  Our curriculum will change to meet the knowledge and information that will need to be taught to train on the areas covered in these standards.  

Click on the specific bullet to see the draft standards for each industry sector:

Email with questions or call to clarify any information in this email.  Thanks.  

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