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The OKBFAA has provided this page for both our member companies and the citizens of Oklahoma.  Both will find useful information about dealing with licensing in Oklahoma.

Please read the entire Act and Rules and Regulations for specific information about what industries are regulated and how to obtain a license in that field.

All paperwork necessary for licensing, except finger print cards, has been provided below.


Alarm companies in Oklahoma are regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Labor through the Alarm and Locksmith Division.  All alarm companies must be licensed.  Part of the licensing process includes a thorough background checks of the employees that have access to customer files and who directly contact the customer.


Licensing Forms

Forms Page on the Department of Labor's web-site.

Exam Information on the Department of Labor's web-site.

Testing sites

Includes all the necessary forms to get your company and employees licensed.



Licensed Companies & Employees

Find a list of licensed companies and employees (DOL web-site).

Licensing Authority

Alarm & Locksmith Act
Rules & Regulations
OSDL Web-Site

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