Decide What You Need

Select the System that Fits Your Needs


What kind of system do you need?


What are you looking to accomplish?

  • Monitor your home or business in case of burglary, fire or gas leak?
  • Add an alarm to indicate robbery or holdup?
  • Add or enhance your video surveillance system?
  • Control access to your home or business?
  • Create or enhance your home entertainment system?
  • Control your heating, cooling and ventilation?
  • Control your lights?
  • Create or enhance your communication systems?
  • Improve your wireless or wired network?

Fit Your Lifestyle or Business Needs

Discuss what options fit your home and/or business and lifestyle, for instance

  • do you have small children, pets
  • are you away from your home for long periods of time
  • do you have expensive items such as jewelry you want to protect.

All of these things will determine which system is best for you.